Republican Women's Club

 Republican Women’s Club of Granville County

We are formally the Republican Women's Club of Granville County

associated with the NC Federated Republican Women with a charter approved by the National Federation of Republican Women.

The women of Granville County have joined this honorable tradition. After two months of promoting the need for and recruiting ladies to join a Republican Women's Club for Granville County, 24 women signed up to become members. With the November elections fast approaching we held our first meeting on September 22, 2022. The meeting took place at the Granville County Expo Center in Oxford. 
Special guests were Courtney Geels, our District 4 candidate for the US House of Representatives, and Ms. Justice Payton, 2nd VP and representative of the N.C. Federation of Republican Women. Retired USN officer Gary Kanady didn't waste a minute to drop by and tap the new members to be Voter Integrity volunteers at the polls on Election Day.
After the presentations, we adopted our bylaws, our logo, elected officers to serve 1-year terms, and even had a raffle drawing before adjourning. The Republican Women's Club of Granville County is now being chartered under the North Carolina Federation of Republican Women.
We have a strong club and we're just getting started. Before we organized, our ladies were already supporting our local, state, and federal candidates since the Primaries and leading up to the November 2022 General Election. They are already serving Granville County citizens as a County Commissioner, on the Board of Education, the Board of Elections, as moms, wives, grandmothers, and daughters. 
We're going door to door and handing out literature, putting up yard signs, contributing to fundraisers, and making phone calls every day. 
And we will continue to support our GOP and serve our community for many elections to come.
We invite you, as a registered Republican woman, to come join us! 
Be the difference in Granville County as we work to elect representatives of 
  • integrity, 
  • skill, 
  • faith,
  • and courage 
to uphold our values and laws as founded in the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the State of North Carolina.
We look forward to you joining our Granville ladies, and hope to hear from you soon.
Jeanna Benoy, MBA
President, Republican Women's Club of Granville County

Our contact information is now

Jeanna Benoy cell - (502) 724-5014
[email protected].

Jeanna Benoy, President

Patricia Blake-Ludwig, Vice-President

Barbara Conway, Secretary

Deborah Gaul, Treasurer


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